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Heather Cumming

is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master / teacher and certified Syntropy practitioner. She was born and raised on a ranch in the remote interior of Brazil where Shamanism is a way of life. This rich heritage fostered Heather's love and understanding of people living in traditional ways. Her practice of Shamanism is an extension of these origins and early exposure to healing methods that reflect harmony with Nature and the Universe. She has studied with shamans and healers in Brazil, Bolivia and the U.S. including Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Brugh Joy, Brazilian and Peruvian shamans Ipupiara and Cleicha Peixoto, John Perkins, Linda Hooper and Medical Qigong Master Binhue He. Heather completed Sandra Ingerman's two year Shamanic teacher training and is a certified teacher for Medicine for The Earth. Heather's eclectic approach to healing blends years of experience as a vibrational healer with core Shamanism. Through her popular courses she has introduced many to Shamanic Healing and Reiki. She maintains a private practice in Norwalk, CT. Heather has traveled widely and is an experienced group and quest leader. She is bilingual in English and Portuguese, fluent in Spanish, and is reasonable in French.

Member of: Order of Melchizedek Rev., the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Dream Change Coalition, American Society of Dowsers and the Ozark Research Institute. Graduate: Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year program; Hoffman Quadrinity Process; certified instructor, Five Element Medical Qigong - Master Binhui He - World Institute of Self Healing.

In her one-on-one sessions, Heather uses Core Shamanic principles and techniques based on the traditional healing practices of indigenous cultures. The universal Shamanic healing principle is that all illnesses, whether physical or emotional are manifestations of problems in the invisible but very real world of spirit. The Shaman, called the "Walker between Worlds", can journey to the spirit realm and, in alliance with Spirit Helpers, obtain guidance for healing and decision-making to affect change in this reality. Heather’s intuitive abilities and extensive training in Shamanic practices enable her to enter the altered state of consciousness that is necessary for contact with the non-ordinary reality of spirit.

This is the key practice to heal the fragmented self and is used for recovery from illness, trauma or loss. Heather journeys in shamanic trance to non-ordinary reality with the specific intention to discover and retrieve the soul parts, the vital essence that has split off from the client due to illness or trauma. After the journey a healing ritual is performed to re-integrate the soul parts. She discusses her journey with the client and re
cords the rich details of the journey. Heather says this about the process "Soul retrieval is like having a family reunion, only all the members are parts of oneself that come together in a joyful celebration of integration. Inside we experience a dynamic synergy that frees us to be fully present, creative and whole."

This healing practice is for guidance, empowerment and oneness. According to Core Shamanism, the connection with a guardian animal spirit makes one powerful in body and thereby resistant to the intrusion of negative forces. Bonding with one’s power animal brings greater physical energy and mental clarity, enhanced immunity and self-confidence. Heather journeys to the lower world of earth-centered consciousness to discover which helping animal spirits are available to the client. Through Power Animal Retrieval direct contact is made and the individual’s relationship with the animal helper is honored and strengthened.
"Often the specific attributes of the animal spirit are the perfect match for the needs of the person at this time", says Heather.

This practice removes harmful intrusions, the patterns of energy distortions that are part of illness, akin to the modern idea of infection. Heather performs extraction by entering the shamanic trance state and with helper animals and spirit guides discovers and removes the distortions. They are returned to the earth or sent to the universe and rendered harmless. Extraction can be performed for individual healing and similar techniques can be used to clear space such as a home, office or other place of business.

performed by Heather on special occasions to mark the earth’s cycles or the cycles of one’s life. Fire ceremony, moon ceremony, spirit canoe, space clearings and blessings, healing circles and other dedications and celebrations are among the Shamanic earth-honoring rituals.

The gentle hands-on healing art from Japan called Reiki activates, directs and applies natural, universal life energy for balance, healing and wholeness. Reiki hand positions are used to channel Universal Life Force, called KI, which stimulates the innate healing resources of the body. Heather works intuitively, and is guided to focus on areas that are most in need of energy flow and alignment. Reiki treatment reduces stress, relieves pain, balances the emotions and facilitates personal healing and spiritual growth. With regularly scheduled sessions, these powerful benefits increase, bringing positive changes on ever- deepening levels. Heather says
“ Having on-going Reiki sessions is a way to tend to our beautiful energy field, sowing and planting Ki to harvest wellness and spiritual transformation.”


Basic Reiki is easy to learn and perform and as a Reiki Master, Heather is able to conduct the specialized energy attunements that are the unique feature of Reiki practice. The attunement enhances each student’s ability to transmit the Universal Life Force through the healing hand positions. There are three levels of attunement: Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Mastership. Heather conducts regularly scheduled classes in Reiki, providing certification and training in performing Reiki on oneself and others, including distance healing.

Heather is skilled in various vibrational healing methods and is able to tailor sessions to the needs of the individual. She has developed a special releasing technique called Uncording, to free up the Chakra centers by unbinding unhealthy energetic connections from past relationships and events. Heather uses her intuitive sight to identify these cords then guides the client to release the negativity. The Uncording session is particularly useful after Soul Retrieval, when the newly integrated self can flourish in present time, free of past entanglements. Whenever there is awareness that the past is draining energy and creating the feeling of being stuck, Uncording is very helpful.

For more information please call 203.255.2123

Heather Cumming

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Sebastiåo – "Tiaozinho" (Sebastian) is Medium João's best friend for over thirty years. Tiaozinho is the secretary of the Casa and is responsible for the flow and smooth running of the sessions. A powerful medium, he often pauses during conversations as he receives messages from the Entities. A truly delightful man – an angel on earth.
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