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John of God

The Brazilian Healer
who's touched the lives of millions

by Heather Cumming & Karen Leffler

Simon & Schuster and Beyond Words Publishing
available at Amazon.com

John of God has fulfilled his mission as a medium for more than 48 years. Drawn by the hope of instantaneous healing, over eight million believers have proceeded in front of him throughout his life.

Come join Heather and experience the stirring words and vivid photographs which will take you on an affecting and deeply personal journey with the humble medium who offers hope for people with none.


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"John of God: The Brazilian Healer who’s touched the lives of millions" is written creating the same loving and safe space Heather Cumming creates with the groups she brings to John of God. His work and the messages of the entities is vital to the healing of the planet right now."
Sandra Ingerman, author of "Soul Retrieval" and "Medicine for the Earth"

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Book Signing Schedule

Monday, September 6
28 sofia 1000
Sofia, Bulgaria
tel-00359 2 9819898
mob.tel.-00359 889819898
Slideshow and book signing

Heather Cumming

The healer and medium known as John of God allows "spirit doctors" to take over his body three time a week to miraculously treat the thousands of people from all over the world who come in need of remedy.